About Lee & Sunshine Style TV

Lee's story could begin at any number of starting points. But delve deep and it really all goes back to her family roots and a childhood in a small town in Upstate NY. Her Mom was a consummate spend thrift but with taste for the finer things. Visits to family in Detroit were frequent & Lee and her cousins spent their days watching their 4 Mothers hunt for bargains in the sale racks of renowned department stores such as Bonwit Teller, Jacobsons , Jenss & LL Berger. For good measure they would peruse Saks just to ooh and ahh over the high end couture pieces that would never go on markdown. Lee received her first subscription to Vogue Magazine at the age of 10, and her passion for fashion continued into her college years when she studied Fashion at Cazenovia College. 

By the time Lee launched with a small boutique in the Finger lakes Region in Upstate NY in 2004 after working for the prestigious Steuben Crystal in Marketing & Relations her exacting eye for looking fabulous but spending less was set. And now it was coupled with the energy and spirit of her travels and prior residence in Los Angeles to create a retail vision that was uniquely hers. Lee's style & design work has been featured in the Wall St Journal, USA Today and regional publications including Lake Erie Living and the Buffalo News. 

In 2017 Lee began broadcasting a live home shopping style show from her home. Her energetic personality & exciting product lineup has created a cult like group of thousands of followers throughout North America. As a coveted national product presenter  of luxury brands she brings each item to life in a way that is uniquely Lee, and filled with energy and sunshine.

Fast forward to 2020 – Lee has opened a tucked away picturesque showroom & production studio filled with designs curated world wide. Italian silks hang next to organic cottons from California. Vibrant prints mix seamlessly with timeless neutrals. Shelves are mindfully set with a mix of natural stone jewelry, hand poured candles & organic skin care. The custom blended scents of Lavender   and White Flowers fill the air. In her Sunshine Style TV Studio  this experience is broadcast to thousands of viewers where Lee & her engaging staff showcase their latest arrivals. Her new website and mobile app brings additional selections and information right to your fingertips

Calling Upstate New York home Lee uses her central location to Canada , New England and New York City to connect with designers and vendors on a weekly basis. As her brand continues to forever evolve we invite your to experience the uniqueness of Sunshine Style TV